My family have suffered a bereavement, HELP!

Contact your GP or NHS 24  and advise, then contact your

funeral director.

Can I repatriate my loved one?

Repatriation to and from countries out with Scotland

can be arranged by us.  

Can we meet to arrange a funeral?  

Yes, at our office, or by telephone.

What about registering the death?

All registry offices in Scotland are closed to the public

meantime  but can be contacted by phone.

What about the newspaper obituary?

Death notices can still be placed in the press  however the

notice states that the funeral is private.

Can we view the deceased?   

Yes by appointment and adhering to social

distancing guidelines.

Can we have a funeral service?

Yes, in one of our chapels or at the graveside or

certain crematoria.

What are the restrictions on handling the coffin?

At the cemetery, family can still carry and lower the coffin

but the trolley is used by Funeral  Director or Crematorium

Staff, at crematoria.

Can someone conduct the service?

Yes, certain denominations have restrictions however we

can arrange for a celebrant to help.

How many people can attend?

We recommend around 10 – 15 persons max, to adhere to

social distancing guidelines

Can we travel to attend a funeral?

Yes, we can provide you with a letter to present if you are

stopped en route.

Can we have a funeral car for the family?

Unfortunately the guidelines state no

What about the family who can’t attend?  

The service can be live streamed, while taking place,

viewed for up to 28 days later and recorded if desired.

How easy is it to connect to the live stream?

We will send you the login details with the username and

password, check the connection before the service and

it will play when the service starts. Only those with the login

details can view the funeral. if you wish we can place the

login details on our facebook page, so that extended family

and friends can obtain the link.

Can you still order flowers for the funeral?

 Some florists are still providing their services for  funeral

flowers. We have a list .

What about a funeral tea?   

Sadly no funeral teas are being provided by  hotels at the

moment, however some will provide catering for you to uplift

and present at  home.


Please contact us should you require any further information or advice.

Call us on 01542 882899

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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